About: Renewable Energy Problems & Solutions

Why does solar energy cause a problem?


The current problem with solar energy is balancing the supply and demand known as the duck curve. The surplus of solar during the day risks over generation and the shortage at night requires more expensive power plants to meet the peak consumption causing fluctuations in 2018 daily pricing from $15 to $60 dollars per MWh. This duck shaped graph shows California's utilities net load in terms of power demand for non-renewable energy for March 31, from 2012 to 2020, based on analysis by California ISO. 

Source: California ISO.

How can batteries be the solution?


 Battery storage can offset the challenging supply dynamics of solar energy. Over generation can be prevented by storing surplus solar during the day. Then later that power can discharge back onto the grid when needed during a shortage in the evening acting as a Virtual Power Plants (VPP), such as battery to grid Transactive Energy Network (TEN).  This reduces the need for curtailment and expensive capital outlays with scalable non-wires alternative solutions.   

What does the WHYGRENE Blockchain do?


WHY GRENE  adds value by addressing the challenges of the power industry by creating the CryptoJoule™ Distributed Energy Exchange (DEE) for Virtual Power Plants.  Our application incentivizes customers to balance the load by installing battery storage and participating in demand response programs. Our secure DEE provides real time encrypted DER data with a digital marketplace to continue evolving the smart grid for a stable renewable energy future!