Pilot Project: Washington Clean Energy Testbed (WCET)

  • Solar + Battery and EV to grid hardware in ​the loop microgrid Digital Twin simulations.
  • WHYGRENE’s app charges and discharges JouleCase batteries with solar and Seattle City Light (SCL) grid.​
  • Next: Monitor and manage JouleCase’s V2G Mobile Battery Trailer 550kWh with IEEE BCTE Grant.​

WCET systems Integration Testbed combines power systems hardware, energy storage instrumentation, and real-time simulation capabilities to create an environment uniquely suited to demonstrating and testing dynamic power systems. Our lab’s Opal RT real-time digital simulator provides users the ability to test their devices in a simulated power grid environment via integrated hardware-in-the-loop capabilities.

Source: UW Real-Time Digital Simulation of Microgrid Control Strategies