WhyGrene Virtual Power Plants

WhyGrene makes Virtual Power Plants
easier by optimizing and aggregating solar PV,
batteries, and EVs to provide reliable,
affordable, and clean energy.

WhyGrene Virtual Power Plant

Simplifying Virtual Power Plants in three key markets

Power line tower


Balance Supply & Demand

Turn distributed energy resources (DERs) into visible, predictable, and dispatchable assets.
Windmill and Solar Panels


Increase ROI

Economic optimization of solar PV, batteries, EVs, and Loads to reduce cost & add revenue.
Electric vehicle and charger


Save & Make Money

Optimize Electric Vehicle (EV) battery usage with smart charging and V2X capabilities.
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Our AI-driven Grene™ platform scales with your VPP objectives

WhyGrene provides an end-to-end VPP experience that meets you where you are and scales up as you need. From digital twin (DT) simulations to real time Microgrid optimization and VPP aggregation, the Grene™ Platform simplifies deployments by streamlining each critical stage.

The platform encompasses three integrated solutions.

Grene DT™
DER Digital Twin Simulations provide power flow projections with capital and operational cost-benefit analysis for DERs.

  • Project ROI: Projections of energy cost savings and revenue from grid services through VPP.
  • Analyze Costs/Benefits: Scenario planning and ROI projections including right-sizing DER hardware and capital investments.
  • Simulate with hardware: Hardware-In-The-Loop digital twin testing before real-world deployment.

Grene Microgrid™
AI & ML algorithms forecast and optimize the performance of DERs to save customer energy costs.

  • Forecast: Real-time forecasting of DER energy production and consumption using Machine Learning (ML) to balance supply & demand.
  • Optimize: Real-time AI-optimized scheduling based on energy prices, customer preferences, and forecasts.
  • Green energy: Integrate renewables, optimize for green energy, and track Renewable Energy Credits (RECs).

Grene VPP™
Aggregating DERs as VPPs provide grid services which improve capacity, reliability, and resiliency, and reduce capital investments.

  • Integrate DERs: Seamless, scalable, and device agnostic integration of DERs into utility VPP programs.
  • Optimize DERs: Economic optimization of DERs specifically for grid service applications i.e. demand response, V2X.
  • Dispatch DERs: Secure communication & control of DERs to provide grid services based on open protocols.

A combination of advanced technologies unique in the industry

  • AI-driven optimization algorithms

  • Scalable cloud & efficient blockchain

  • Machine learning (ML) forecasting

  • Secure Zero Trust architecture

Optimizing microgrids for customers at Tacoma Power

Tacoma Power is using Grene DT to optimize microgrid DER deployments to enhance resilience and reliability. Microgrids can organize mixed asset fleets of DERs at the distribution network level. As a grid resource, microgrids work alongside other networking platforms such as (VPPs). With the right set of controls technologies, they unlock value streams to site hosts, other microgrid customers and upstream to the larger grid.
WhyGrene is working with utilities and commercial customers from coast-to-coast. We are happy to explore new partnerships with innovators at the leading edge of the energy transition.

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