Make energy. Make money.
Make a difference.
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Virtual Power Plants balance supply and demand
and make energy more affordable.

The wind doesn't always blow
and the sun doesn't always shine

We're working to maximize all the potential of sustainable
energy for utilities, consumers and communities.

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Windmill and Solar Panels


Utilities and power users can accelerate the sustainable energy transition to lessen their impact on climate change.
Electric vehicle and charger


Utilities and service providers can easily implement an efficient energy exchange to manage solar, wind, storage and EV assets as Virtual Power Plants (VPPs).
Power line tower


Utilities and consumers can buy and sell power from Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) efficiently and securely.

WhyGrene Energy Exchange

See how this flexible vendor- and source-neutral platform can support a wide range of energy exchange initiatives.

Be a WhyGrene Partner

Delivering a value today in innovative organizations across the country.
SDG&E has partnered with WhyGrene to create Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) that manage distributed energy resources (DERs) including rooftop solar, home batteries, and EVs. VPPs can help alleviate strain on the grid by leveraging, customer-owned DERs for distribution-level demand response, helping to reduce use of peaker plants, minimize carbon emissions and enhance grid resiliency.
Tacoma Power is using WhyGrene’s Digital Twin simulations to optimize microgrid DER deployments to enhance resilience and reliability. Microgrids can organize mixed asset fleets of DERs at the distribution network level. With the right set of controls technologies, they unlock value streams to site hosts, other microgrid customers and upstream to the larger grid. As a grid resource, microgrids work alongside other networking platforms such as (VPPs) and DER management systems.
Today, Washington Clean Energy Testbed Project uses the WhyGrene platform in a Digital Twin simulation of a microgrid that includes solar, energy storage and EV-to-grid hardware In this hardware-in-the-loop project, the WhyGreneThe platform charges and discharges JouleCase batteries coordinating with solar panels and the Seattle City Light (SCL) grid.
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